Chantry Chapel of St Mary on Wakefield Bridge

Original: Anonymous
Contributor: Maureen Rishworth
Recorded: 10/01/2018

Chantry Chapel of St Mary on Wakefield Bridge. Nowhere else in England can there be seen such a beautiful bridge-chapel as that on Wakefield Bridge for of the three or four which still survive this is by far the best and most famous. It was built between 1342 and 1356 and served as a place where travellers could pray for a safe journey or give thanks when one was completed. It ceased to be used as a chapel in 1548 and for 300 years it was used for various other purposes.
In 1848 it was restored under the direction of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and further restoration was undertaken in 1939. Parts of the fabric are now badly decayed and large cracks has appeared in the south -east corner. Unless this is dealt with speedily there is danger that Wakefield will lose its Chantry due to the collapse of the wall into the River Calder.

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